It is our goal at Blairsville Speedway LLC to provide and promote a family atmosphere where all racers, family, and spectators can benefit from the racing experience in a safe and positive way. We strive to do this by encouraging good sportsmanship from all, by applying the rules of the track in a consistent and fair manner, and by encouraging more seasoned racers and parents to recognize the importance of their role as mentor and role model to the younger racers.


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August 1st

Giant Trophy Night

for Keid Cage


August 8th

4th Super Dirt

Series Race


August 15th

Closed - No Racing

WC Equipment & Sales







Full time tech guy needed that can work every Saturday during complete season contact Pete at  412-551-1400


Attention Drivers:


After several complaints from parents of racers that we have a cheating problem. I looked into the allegation. I started timing karts, (straight only) just timing acceleration. I payed close attention to how kart was driven thru corners, I looked at tires and even looked for a ratchet device, and then I saw a pattern of engines, so I went and purchased (4) motors, from (4) different builders, (2) new (2) used and to my absolute amazement (3) of them were illegal. The amazing part of this problem you may not even know your motor is illegal. All (4) of these motors were sent to Stan Caroline who actually found the issue immediately. It is my suggestion that if you bought your engine NEW that you call where you purchased from, and ask DID YOU DO ANY MACHINE WORK ON THE HEAD other than what WKA has outlined in their tech manual. If you bought your engine used I suggest you find a local tech guy to look at the head.



Next Race - August 1st

Giant Trophy Night for Kid Cage


Results for July 25th have been posted.

Point Standings updated.




Reserve Parking for the 2015 Season is $40.00 per/spot

If you’re interested in reserve parking please lets us know on practice day. Please plan on paying for your spot at the track on Practice day.

Thanks Pete





Class Listing has been updated.





Click here for Super Dirt Series Information




Champion Performance Products has designed New Restrictor Plates for the Clone Engines so they will be able to now run with the Flatheads and Animals in the Jr. Classes. The plates are purple, blue or gold so the colors correspond to the existing plates for the other motors. The plates are stamped CPP and will be available at our shop or the track. Additional information will be posted under the class listing.




Once again for the 2015 Season:

Blairsville Speedway LLC will be profiling Camshafts on the Animal Motors as well as the Flatheads. I would STRONGLY SUGGEST when you send your engine back to your engine builder to be freshened up you let them know this will be a standard part of our Tech Procedure for the 2015 Racing Season. If you fail Tech due to running what is known as a Cheater Stock Camshaft you will not only be DQ’ed for the event, you will also lose all points earned up to this point for the season.


If you build your own Engines and do not have the tools to profile the camshaft you can contact me prior to the start of the season and I will be glad to do it for you at my shop for FREE.





Entry Fees, Pit Passes and Registration: Entry Fees for weekly events will be $20.00 per/class. Pit Pass - $10.00. Under 5 free (except driver). General admission $5.00. Children 10 and under free. Registration begins 90 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time of the event. Registration ends 15 minutes before the scheduled time for the driver’s meeting. Any driver not registered by the official registration completion time will start scratch in any and all qualifying events. Entry fees for special events may differ.






















For more information call:

Pete Miller 412-551-1400


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